Add/Claim Program

Create a DayHeart Profile for your Program

If your program isn’t yet listed on DayHeart, you can submit a request to have your program added by filling out and emailing the Add My Program form (link). Once DayHeart confirms your identity and that the program is a valid business, nonprofit, or public program in operation, your profile will be approved and published on DayHeart and you will be able to update it with all the details.

Claim your Program’s DayHeart Profile

If DayHeart already has a profile for your program, you can take control of your profile by creating an account with your email on either the app or the website. Most existing profiles are already linked to an email address. The email connected to your program’s profile will likely be either a general one on your website or the one listed on the state’s Child Care Check website.

Click “sign up” and enter your email address and choose a password. Your password must be at least 6 characters in length. Click “Create Account”. Then enter the verification code sent to you by email. Any program associated with the email address entered will be listed in your “Manage Programs” list.

Once you are logged in, you can update your profile, upload photos and logos, and post current or future openings in your program.

If the email you enter is not recognized by DayHeart and you don’t see a “Manage Programs” button, you can search for your program by name and click the “Claim Profile” link in the top right corner which will send an email request to We will confirm your identity and update the email so you can take control of the profile.

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